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Technology is changing every day and businesses strive to keep up with the growing options available to improve their company. From small & medium-size businesses to enterprise clients, Lumos connects your business with the right hardware and software. 

Improve processes, start your business, update your tech infrastructure, secure your data, grow your customer base, and achieve your business goals. With Lumos, you can trust you'll match with the right solution and experience a seamless onboarding process. 

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Businesses are stronger when working together. Lumos works with your company to identify potential businesses that can increase your value to customers, leverage shared technology, and build stronger relationships. 

Our team will identify shared needs in your industry, facilitate the discovery process, and negotiate on behalf of your business interests. With our help, you can achieve your goals without increasing your business costs. 

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Growth is complicated, it's not easy, it's not easy trying to achieve the hockey stick. At Lumos, we evaluate the strengths of your business, the MVPs of your team, and discover which customers are your greatest promotors. 

We combine your strengths with the latest hardware, software, and creative minds to drive growth, revenue, users, and scale. No secret sauce here, just smart and experienced leaders in growth strategy.



At Lumos, we love solving problems. Our team focuses on companies that have a big vision and need the support of industry experts in technology and strategy to execute on their goals. Our team helps you understand how to leverage the best parts of your business and take action.

Our team has worked directly Fortune 100 companies that are influencing the world around us: Apple, Facebook, Google, Disney, Sony, and many more. We bring the grit and hustle that startups are known for and apply it to every client from small business to enterprise. 

By identifying goals and KPIs from day one, our services and fees provide a return on investment that can be seen in productivity, revenue, and growth. 


Lumos Solution Consulting

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