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When approached by a company with the ambition of disrupting the roadside assistance industry, becoming the Uber of AAA seemed like an expensive endeavor. We discovered the goal was to prove the concept. We developed a solution that used SMS as the main source of customer interaction. We developed a simple and customized process for tracking location and accepting payments, without ever downloading an app. 


A progressive, tech savvy car dealership had developed a paperless system to process all of their customer interactions. They wanted to be as progressive as possible, and they wanted to be more efficient, especially with inventory. Lumos reviewed their existing infrastructure and found that by utilizing Bluetooth technology, combining it with proprietary hardware, and integrating it with their existing database, they could wirelessly and instantly run inventory for every car on their lot. They took it a step further and used a drone to verify inventory, but we can't take credit for that! 



When presented with the opportunity to work with a growing debt management software tool that is an employee benefit, Lumos was impressed with their origin story. This company was born from the desire to give back and help people take ownership of their lives by managing their money more effectively. The challenge was that their brand didn't express any of their core values or mission. We reviewed their brand and are continually working with them to ensure that their brand is expressed through every action of the company. 

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